Plasmabull Engineering GmbH
Philipsstrasse 27/C3
8403 Lebring

T: 03182/52475-0
F: 03182/52475-4

Firmenbuchnummer FN 268086 w

Landesgericht Graz

UID-Nr.: ATU62061306


PlasmaCLEANER is a machine designed for dry cleaning of steel wire, rod or tube. The machine can be used for various cleaning or washing applications that can replace traditional processes such as chemical pickling, chemical surface treatment, descaling, shot blasting, electro-polishing, degreasing.

Plasma treatment is also used very successfully for surface activation i.e. surface preparation to improve adhesion of drawing lubricant.

Plasma treatment can remove accumulated impurities, lubricants  or oxides deep into the wire surface.


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