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Plasmabull Engineering GmbH is an Austrian supplier of dry surface cleaning and descaling machinery for wire, and other continuous ferrous and non ferrous materials. Plasmabull technology is based on plasma cleaning that is proved to be a cost-effective and environmentally acceptable alternative to acid cleaning and mechanical descaling. The company is built on a team of experts in field of wire/rod machinery, metallurgy and plasma technology. Plasmabull works in a close partnership with Plasmait, the leader in plasma based machinery for wire and tube industry. The company’s testing and demonstration facility is based in Lebring, Austria. Companies sales offices are in Austria, Germany and United Kingdom.

At our demonstration facility in Lebring we offer wire, rod and tube surface cleaning and descaling trials on a single block drawing line or tailored to your application. To book the trial, please click here >>


Wire & Tube 2010, Duesseldorf [visit web site]
12 April - 16 April 2010
Plasmait exhibits in Hall 10, Booth A46-04


The Management

Primoz Eiselt >>
Managing Director

Igor Rogelj >>
Sales and Marketing Director

Partners and International Agents

MWM Machinery GmbH >>
Plasmait GmbH >>


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